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What is Passentry?

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Salient Features


What is Passentry?

Passentry is an application that aims at making your Visitor Management more secure and time effective. Effective management of time, ability to track a visitor, restricting the visitor to a particular block in the campus are just a few of the salient features which score over the traditional manual visitor management. Passentry is a very user friendly and easy to use application that can be managed even by a single person.

Internet Pass:

A visitor can just submit the required information through a user-friendly form over the Internet. This information is automatically routed to the authority, which in turn sends an email with a reference number to the visitor upon verification.

The visitor then just produces the reference number to the authority and will have his picture taken to print a pass immediately saving him / her substantial amount of time and effort.

Advance Pass:

A pass can be issued well in advance i.e., a pass can be issued to someone who is scheduled to visit on a later date much in advance.

Archive Pass:

A visitor need not go through the entire process of issuing a pass every single time. The first time a pass is made, a unique ID is generated which is given to the visitors which can be produced during subsequent visits to print a pass immediately without delay.

Post Pass:

Post Passes are issued to the Visitor by the security department after approval from department head of the section being visited. This category of passes caters to visitors who are visiting without a prior appointment.

Note: Security can take approval from department head on phone. If required.

Daily Pass:

Daily Passes are issued to visitors who visit the organization every day for a specific period of time. This category of passes caters to visitors like interviewers, client, and external maintenance personnel.

Periodical Pass:

These passes are issued to visitors visiting for a longer duration of time like a week, fortnight, month etc.

Salient Features:

  • Computerized Visitor Management Application.
  • Secure and easy to use
  • Easy retrieval
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Reusability
  • Decentralized
  • Advance pass over the net
  • Numerous customizable reports
  • Daily, periodical and advance passes
  • Barcode, Smart Label, RFID enabled
  • Visitor Tracking
...And much more!

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