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What is Call Tree?

Every organization requires contacting its employees in times of crisis (e.g. heavy rains, terrorist attacks, local strikes, etc.) to enquire about their safety and their ability to report to work. A call tree is a telephone procedure which can be used to notify staff of an emergency. It is typically used to notify staff during out of hours. A common arrangement is that one person (usually a team leader) will call a small group of staff (team) members with a message, then those persons will phone other staff and pass on the message, until finally all relevant members of staff have received the message. To ensure that a call tree is effective it should be regularly tested: missing or changed phone numbers can severely degrade the performance of a call tree.

About Call Tree Automation (CTA)

CTA is an advanced and yet user friendly, web based software that can deliver a consistent message to several employees in minutes as well as collect responses from them. The responses would inform the company management about their safety and their ability to report to work. This quick message delivery and response collation would reduce time to recover and as a result critical manpower can be effectively used to carry out operations rather than manually contacting people and collecting information like it is done in most organizations currently. CTA would also assist units to test the call trees (list of employees required to be called during contingency) on a required frequency.

Collect Responses

  • Employees send their responses
  • The system collects all the responses and collates them
  • Automatic alert if a negative response is received
  • Automatic alert if no response is received from any single employee
  • System automatically contacts that employee on all available numbers and e-mail id's.
  • Send further messages based on specific responses
  • Automatic response collection for IVRS messages

Update Information

  • Information received from the employees by their responses is updated
  • Customized reports are generated from the data
  • ·Safety of employees can be assured by information analysis
  • Any deviation is immediately escalated
  • Escalation at which level or node is pre-specified
  • Employee records are automatically updated
  • Reports can be used for improving risk management procedures

Send Message

  • Obtain contact details from HR database
  • Maintain call trees effectively
  • Unit heads and COB coordinators can easily update employee details
  • Send a consistent message to all members of a call tree with a single mouse click
  • Text or voice message
  • Can send pre-recorded messages
  • Delivery tracking
  • Ensure delivery for one and all
  • Centralized monitoring can be done by MAS team



  • ?Automatic messaging
  • SMS or IVRS
  • Can send and receive messages
  • Extremely quick message delivery and response collation
  • Adapts to the existing HR structure
  • Easy to operate system
  • Extremely user friendly graphical user interface
  • Activate by individual, department or a whole organization.
  • Ability to create different groups and activate them respectively.
  • Ability to create pre-defined messages
  • Ability to create different users with different rights
  • Customizable reports
  • Ability to activate call trees at pre-specified intervals for testing, updating employee records, etc.
  • Ability to convert all text messages to voice messages and vice versa
  • Obtain reports pertaining to noncompliance with standard risk management procedures


  • Most effective mode of communication with your employees ?Automated messaging system to connect with employees during crisis (rains, bomb blast, terror attacks, natural calamities etc)
  • Stay close to your employees. Automated greetings for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Fastest means to communicate with employees and enquire about their safety and their ability to report to work
  • Testing of call trees for updating information and ensuring that latest data is present in the system.
  • Effective communications during emergency situations without significant manual efforts
  • Reducing time to activate COB (Continuity Of Business) and expedite recovery during a real contingency
  • Suffer minimum loss of revenue and minimum customer or client impact during a real contingency
  • Maintain and Operate near BAU (Business As Usual) processes during contingency
  • Audit trail


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