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What is DMS?


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What is DMS?

DMS (Driver Management System) is an innovative “Biometric with Smart Card” based solution being offered by SreeGo Solutions Private Limited, aimed at registering and identifying drivers operating cabs for employee pick-up and drop trips. Considering the high level of security concerns for employees during the recent times, it is imperative for every organization to keep track of driver's data, register every driver with their license, address, contact details, etc and most importantly capture their finger prints which acts as a unique identification for every driver.

How it works:

  • The application allows an organization to register every driver and capture personal details such as name, vendor details, license number, license issue date, license expiry date, address and telephone number.
  • The driver's photograph is also captured using a high resolution camera which is completely integrated with the application.
  • The aim of the application is to capture a unique detail of the driver which needs to be a
    distinctive identifying factor. For this reason we capture the 'Finger Print Template' of two
    fingers for each and every driver.
  • All the above details are then printed on to a 'Smart Card'. The Finger Print Template is also
    stored onto the memory of the card.
  • Once the job of registering and issuing a smart card pass with the finger print is complete, a mobile rechargeable biometric unit is used to verify the authenticity of every driver at desired time intervals. Ideally this is done at the start of every drop and end of every pick-up at the facility entrance.
  • The application has a feature of 'Tainting' a particular driver for reasons such as rash driving, absenteeism, drunken driving etc. All such 'Tainted Drivers' are denied access on the terminal the next time they are verified.
  • Various MIS reports are generated as per the requirement.


  • Ensure employee security
  • Ensure driver compliance with standard security procedures
  • Increase employee satisfaction by making them feel safe
  • Automatic alerting feature for deviations such as driver's license expired, etc.
  • 'Taint' drivers who are non-compliant and prevent them from working in your facility
  • Distinguish compliant vendors from non-compliant ones
  • Decrease incidence of mishaps and accidents
  • Automatically alert security to check drivers of cabs with female employees
  • Customized reports
...And much more!

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