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What is E-Gurukool?

E-Gurukool mainly deals with effective management of Academic Institution administration, Staff responsibilities and records, maintaining student records and all other things that help an Academic Institution to function smoothly. The Administrator is responsible in recruiting the Staff and assigning some responsibilities depending on his/her Education and Experience. The administrator has to maintain, communication details of all the Students in the Academic Institution, so that he/she can inform their behaviour to their parents. E-Gurukool helps in automating routine administrative functions, centralizing the mountains of data related to managing your esteemed educational institution.

Why on-line?

We have gone for an On-line version of E-Gurukool as it has more flexibility when compared to a Desktop or a Network version of this software, then the Student or his/her parent cannot access the software sitting at their homes, where as if it is an On-line version then the student or parent can go through the website and can get the necessary information. This is useful in certain situations where in a Student is sick and cannot attend the School, but want to know all the assignments that have been assigned to a particular class.

About E-Gurukool

E-Gurukool is a functionally and graphically rich Online Academic Institution Management System designed to meet the needs of any Educational Institution. The system has been developed from the most sophisticated and detailed set of functional requirements ever compiled. E-Gurukool functionality incorporates Admissions, Promotions, Attendance Tracking, Fee Management, Academic Tracking, Hostel Management and a suite of standard reports.

E-Gurukool allows different types of access to different communities like Admin, Staff, Parent and Student With their login, Parents can track their children's Academic and other related Activities. Teacher can view Student details, assign discipline to Students and can view their academic details.
The Admin has all the rights to view, edit or delete a student/staff details based on the requirement. All the above Communities can interact with each other through a unique facility called "Message Board".

Modules Covered

Configure Module:

This Module is used to configure the School Structure. You can add/modify Campus, Class, Section, Medium etc; you can add/modify the Main Subjects and Allied Subjects for any Section in any Campus. After adding Main subjects and Allied subjects, you can configure these subjects to a particular Section.

Academic Module:

This Module is used to Add/Modify the Academic structure of a particular Campus. You can create Timetable for a particular section of a Campus. You can add/modify the Exam Date or Exam Name of a class. Marks of all Subjects are assigned to all Students who have taken the Exam.

Staff Module:

This Module is used to add all the Staff details such as their Qualification, Experience and the subject in which they Expertise. We can search a staff with respect to Employee ID, Employee Type, Name, Gender, Department and Designation. In this Module, a staff can be assigned a Particular Subject to a particular Section of a Campus.

Student Module:

This Module is used to add new/existing Students. We can add an Allied Subject to a particular Student. In this Module we have an excellent search option where in you can search a Student by ID, by Name, by Campus. The program has the ability to take and track daily and period wise attendance.

Fee Module:

This module maintains student's fee details, tracks payments and balance information. The program has the provision that allows the user to automatically track outstanding dues and penalties.

Hostel Module:

This Module can efficiently and cost effectively automate your Hostels, Room allotment, Student/Room tracking etc. This Hostel Module helps in integrating all your hostels to maintain information centrally.

Transport Module:

This module caters to your school's transportation needs by automating and centralizing the pertinent information. It keeps track of vehicular information, allotment, timings etc.

Library Module:

This is a full feature program that efficiently and accurately automates school libraries meeting patron's needs. From circulation and bibliographic input to renewals and losses history, this application practically does the job for you. By scheduling the availability of books, this Module enhances the use of your library by giving access to your library round the clock.

SMS Module:

This module is used to send SMS alerts to different communities. SMS alerts can be sent to Parents regarding student's Result announcement, Fee Due Date, Meetings etc.,

Message Board Module:

This module is used to send or receive messages between different communities. Information can be sent to any person without using any external mailing system. Thus this module provides faster interaction between communities.

Report Module:

All kinds of reports are provided here to have a clear glance of required data.

IVRS Module:

IVRS is an interactive voice information and request system designed to take care of the most common questions asked by parents regarding their children like attendance, marks and other related information.

Basic Features:

  • All Administrative tasks are covered.
  • Any Type of Academic Institution structure can be configured.
  • Different type of access to different communities.
  • Admin Login
  • Teacher Login
  • Parent Login
  • Student Login
  • Attendance Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Discipline Tracking
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Personal details of student or staff with photos
  • Easy tracking of student or staff
  • Medical History of the Student / Staff is maintained
Salient Features:
  • User friendly Interface
  • "Message Board" facility. A teacher can directly interact with a particular Student's parent.
  • Any number of Campuses can be added.
  • Online credit card payment for fees.
  • SMS Facility to send Messages to different communities.
  • Different medium of education can be configured.
  • Graphical display of marks with analysis.
  • Flexible Fee Module.
  • Vehicle Tracking System for school buses.
  • Flexible Library Module.

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