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GPS products are oriented towards embedded applications of GPS: typical uses being vehicle location systems, geological equipment, time keeping and other related applications. Our vast experience in GPS and satellite communications makes us the leading manufacturers of International Standards Compliant GPS based hardware products.

GPS Specification:

  • 16 channel GPS receiver
  • 8192 simultaneous time-frequency search bins
  • 4_Hz position update rate
  • ANTARIS Positioning Engine
  • ATR0600 RF front-end IC
  • ATR0620 Baseband IC with ARM7TDMI inside
  • DGPS and SBAS (WAAS,_EGNOS) support
  • FixNOWTM power saving mode
  • Operating voltage 2.7 to 3.3 V
  • Battery supply pin for internal backup memory and
    real time clock
  • Industrial operating temperature range 40 to 85°C
  • Small size
  • Size 25.4mm x 25.4mm
  • Height 3mm
  • Weight 3g


  • RS-232 15 pin D connector (Optional:USB port)
  • Baud rate from 300 to 115,200 bits / s
  • Autobauding (300 to 38,400 bits / s)
  • Power supply through 2 pin socket

Antenna Specification:

  • Ultra-Compact Embedded GPS Antenna: PN 45336-00 3.3V active miniature unpackaged antenna Cable length: 8 cm
    Dim: 22 mm W x 21 mm L x 8 mm H (0.866" x 0.827" x 0.315") Connector: HFL; mates directly to on-module RF connector
  • Compact Unpackaged GPS Antenna: PN 39265-51 3V active micropatch unpackaged antenna Cable length: 11 cm
    Dim: 34.6 mm W x 29 mm L x 9 mm H (1.362" x 1.141" x 0.354") Connector: MCX; mates with optional RF transition cable to on-module RF connector
  • Compact Magnetic-Mount GPS Antenna: PN 39265-50 3V active micropatch antenna with magnetic mount Cable length: 5 m
    Dim: 42 mm W x 50.5 mm L x 13.8 mm H (1.65" x 1.99" x 0.55") Connector: MCX, mates through the optional RF transition cable to the module RF connector


  • Universal AC Adapter
  • PC Communication Cable
  • Antenna

Typical Applications:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Location Monitoring
  • Digital mapping
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Automatic Routing

Salient Features:

  • 16 channel GPS receiver
  • Rugged
  • Optional Smart Card Reader


Optional integration with the following are readily available:
  • Display (LCD / Graphic)
  • Customizable Keypad
  • Smart card Reader
  • GSM (for Tracking)
  • Buzzer (for call ringer)
  • Headset (for Voice)
  • Thermal / Mechanical Printer

GSM / GPRS Modem:

GSM / GPRS has revolutionized not only mobile voice communication, but also have opened enormous opportunities for efficient, secure and cost effective communication of data, fax and text messages in a fully international mobile environment. GSM / GPRS modem (terminal) and GSM modules (engines) is ideally suited for industrial applications where mobile data, PC fax or SMS (Short Message Service) are required.

SreeGo Solutions explored further to integrate innovative wireless data applications in M2M (Machine-to-Machine) criterion. Along with wide range of multi utility, multi functional applications, GSM/GPRS Smart Modem is yet another profound enhancement in SreeGo's product repertoire.

The Smart modem delivers all the power of instant wireless connectivity to your multiple applications. Because the modem is fully type-approved, it can dramatically speed up the time to market with a full range of Voice, Data, Fax and SMS features (Optional TCP/IP)

Housed in a rugged Aluminum alloy extrusion casing with good aesthetics and surface finish to withstand toughest field environments. The open interfaces and AT commands can embed and run your applications very efficiently. With its proven technology, the modem can be relied on for enduring and dependable performance.

Product Features:

  • Dual-band 900 / 1800 MHz or 900 / 1900 MHz GSM / GPRS Modem
  • Internet, Data, SMS, Voice (Optional Fax, TCP/IP Services)
  • Remote Control by AT Commands (according to GSM 07.07 and GSM 07.05)
  • Maximum output power: 2 W for GSM 900
  • 1W for GSM 1800 or GSM 1900
  • Input voltage: 5.5 V to 12 V DC
  • Current: 1.8A peak at 5.5 V, 330 mA average at 5.5 V
  • SIM Interface: 3V / 5 V
  • Weight: 170-177g


  • Data: Circuit asynchronous, transparent and non transparent modes, data rates upto 14.4 kbps
  • Fax: Group 3 (Class 2)
  • SMS: MT / MO / CB
  • Voice: Telephony and Emergency Calls (through optional Hand Set)

GPRS Packet Data features:

  • GPRS Class 2
  • Coding schemes : CS1 to Cs4
  • Compliant with SMG31 bits.

GSM Supplementary Services:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call barring
  • Multiparty
  • Call waiting and call hold
  • Calling line identity
  • Advice of charge
  • Closed user group
  • Explicit Call Transfer

Other Features:

  • ME+SIM phone book management
  • Fixed dialing number
  • SIM toolkit class 2
  • SIM, network and service provider locks
  • Real time clock
  • Alarm management
  • Software upgrade through Xmodem protocol
  • UCS2 character set management
  • ADC & Digital I/Os as optional


  • RS-232 9 pin D connector (Optional:USB port)
  • Remote control by AT commands (GSM 07.07 and 07.05)
  • Baud rate from 300 to 115,200 bits/s
  • Autobauding (300 to 38,400 bits/s)
  • Power supply through 2 pin socket
  • SMA antenna connector
  • Sliding / fixed landing SIM holder (3V/5V SIM interface)


  • Universal AC Adapter
  • PC Communication Cable
  • 0dBi Antenna (Magnetic mount or fixed screw mount)
  • Optional 3, 5, 10 dBi antenna

Typical Applications:

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • GSM Pay Phones
  • Fleet/Traffic Management (with optional GPS integration)
  • Security Systems
  • Mobile / Fixed Internet Connectivity
  • Remote Data logging and reporting
  • Low cost router
  • System to monitor data over Internet
  • Remote monitoring of Vending machines

Temperature Range:

  • Storage: -25 C to +70 C
  • Operating: 0 C to +55 C
  • Dimensions: 100 x 78 x 32 mm

Salient Features:

  • Dual-band GSM/GPRS Modem
  • Internet, Data, SMS, Voice (Optional Fax, TCP/IP Services)
  • Rugged
  • Optional Smart Card Reader
  • Optional battery backup


  • Display (LCD/Graphic)
  • Customizable Keypad
  • Smart card Reader
  • Buzzer (for call ringer)
  • Headset (for Voice)
  • GPS (for Tracking)
  • Thermal/Mechanical Printer


India’s first Software Company to acchive...

India’s first Software Company to acchive...

India’s first Software Company to acchive... India’s first Software Company to acchive...

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