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About Octavia

State of the art Routing and The Most Advanced Routing Sloutions for the BPO Industry

Octavia integrates cutting edge technology with complex and yet intuitive algorithms to offer highly efficient routing solutions for the BPO/ITeS industry. The complexity of the routing requirements at these facilities makes it highly inefficient if managed by humans alone. Using a state of the art proprietary algorithm, Octavia generates the most economical trips through an extremely user friendly interface. Routes are generated through a series of internal complex processes that effectively result in least utilization of the number of cabs, thus minimizing the total travel distance.

Employee satisfaction is foremost in our considerations and is never compromised in spite of achieving high degrees of occupancy and significant decreases in total distance traveled. Many other features, such as back-toback trip generation, high capacity vehicle routing adapting to customer's needs, etc are unmatched by any other routing software. In addition to being a one-stop solution for all rostering and routing needs, Octavia offers seamless integration with digital maps and SreeGo's own vehicle tracking solutions which are specific to the industry.

Web based

Octavia is a browser based software, thereby allowing multiple users to log in from their own desks instead of going to the installed computer each time for generating routes. User rights are configurable and the transport manager can monitor all the activities sitting right at his desk

Customized Solutions

Octavia is not a generic solution. Each installation can be customized to the customer's specific demands. It is designed in such a way that it can be tweaked to suit the unique needs of the customer, but at the same time maintain a high degree of efficiency as well as productivity.

Edit Trips

Editing trips is a breeze in Octavia. An extremely user friendly interface along with a map interface allows for a highly accurate and efficient editing process. Furthermore, Octavia is the only software which automatically and simultaneously updates the travel times and distances of all edited trips.

Back-to-Back Trips

Octavia is the only routing solution that generates backto- back trips. This advanced feature allows for tremendous savings irrespective of whether the billing is in terms of cost per trip or cost per kilometer. In addition, the back-to-back settings are completely customizable

Best-in-class technology

Empowering Your Transport Room with Cutting Edge Technology


Octavia is built on not just a single algorithm, but on a number of subalgorithms that constantly talk with each other making it the most intelligent and advanced routing solution for the BPO/ITeS industry. Based on this intelligent design, each parameter is processed individually as well as collectively before arriving at the most logical and efficient routes.


Routes are generated through a series of complex processes that effectively result in least utilization of the number of cabs as well as minimizing the total travel distance, but still ensuring a high degree of employee satisfaction.


An optional high occupancy mode produces routes with more than 95% occupancy and consequently decreases the total transport costs by maximizing fleet utilization. This top down approach also presents with an easy option for the transport team where-in routes can easily be edited to guarantee employee satisfaction.

Employee Rostering:

Simple interface with your HRMS database allows for easy shift based rostering or to make any changes based on last minute requests.

Accurate Geocoding:

An extremely user friendly map interface allows for accurate geocoding, which can also be automated using SreeGo's GPS vehicle tracking units.


The most effective routing system available for the BPO/ITeS industry resulting in the highest occupancy and maximum savings.

Adaptive Routing:

The only routing software that can think and adapt to the customer's requirements by monitoring the changes done by the transport team.

All Trips:

Generate pick-up, drop and even back-toback and ad-hoc trips in two easy steps, thus allowing for maximum savings in both distance and time.

Multiple Vehicles:

Any type of vehicle can be used irrespective of capacity. Vehicles can also be defined by price, occupancy and minimum required occupancy.

Special Constraints:

All special constraints are considered, including female constraints, pregnant employees or any other customer specific limitations.


Different profiles can be used to specify travel conditions such as rush hour (where average travel time is increased) etc.

Fleet Allocation / Optimization:

Vehicles can automatically be allotted to vendors based on pre-specified criteria. Octavia also suggests the best fleet mix for optimal results.

Feedback Form:

A forum where any employee can interact with the transport team for any specific transport requirement or just for complimenting them.

Seamless Integration:

Octavia offers seamless integration with all existing scheduling, billing or any other software. Also, it can easily be integrated with hardware such as vehicle tracking units to maximize the benefits.

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