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SreeGo Solutions is the leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions in India. We are the only solutions provider with successful and award winning implementations in the BPO/ITeS industry. Marketed under the brand name of Sanjaya, the product is a unique combination of an intelligently designed software application and indigenously developed hardware using state of the art technology. Our technological prowess and years of expertise have enabled us to achieve the highest quality standards of all implementations within India.

Application Overview:

Sanjaya comprises of two components - hardware and software. The hardware unit, which is installed into the vehicle, communicates with GPS satellites orbiting the earth. The exact location of the vehicle is then transmitted to the server using GPRS network. Furthermore, an automatic SMS is sent to each employee before a pre-specified time alerting him/her on the arrival status of the cab. When employees board the cab, they tap their card and their details are sent to the central facility. The software then processes the data and displays the current vehicle location on a map in real time with the employee details as well as generates various reports for the vehicle.

Sanjaya Benefits:

  • Track which employees are traveling in each cab
  • Special color coding for cabs with female employees
  • Enhanced employee security
  • Monitor vehicle movement
  • MIS reporting
  • Convenient and reliable
  • Reduce rash driving
  • Ensure driver compliance
  • Precision tracking
  • Real time tracking
  • Automatic SMS messages to employees alerting them of cab arrival
  • Panic button pop-up red alerts
  • Immobilize vehicles using mobile or software
  • SMS alerts on mobile
  • Reduce transport costs

Reports HID
sms Emp
Immobilizer Panic
The only integrated solution available in India
  • Vehicle tracking
  • GPRS connectivity
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Sending and receiving SMS
  • Display
  • Customized keypad
  • In-built HID/RFID card reader
  • In-built immobilizer
  • Panic button connectivity
  • RS-232 connectivity
  • Optional flash memory
  • Optional battery
  • Over the air upgrades
  • LED indicators


Sanjaya uses cutting edge technology in its software design as well as world class components for its hardware resulting in the highest efficiency, reliability and performance.

Successful Implementations:
We are the only company in India to have successfully implemented tracking solutions with the above mentioned features. Challenges such as poor GPRS network, among others hinder the success rate of such implementations. However we have leveraged our technological expertise in overcoming each hurdle and also have integrated a number of additional features such as an in-built card reader, etc., thus leaving the competition far behind.

End-to-End Solutions:
We believe that hardware and software cannot be separated for a consistent performance. Hence, we have radically challenged the industry by in-house designing, integrating and consolidating these two elements to achieve the best results. Furthermore, we have integrated all additional features such as card reader, immobilizer, etc. into one single unit - the only ones in the entire industry to do so.

Award Winning Support:
At SreeGo, we have always built long lasting relationships with our customers. WIth extremely customer friendly implementations, we have forged a mutually beneficial alliance with each one of our customers.

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