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The Vehicle Management system is ideal for those large/small business users with vehicles to manage. Many businesses have found that the VMS is the perfect solution to maintain vehicle records for their business. The VMS can track an unlimited number of vehicles and has the ability to group the vehicles into Fleet Groups, perfect for those companies with many departments or categories for their vehicles. Fuel, maintenance, insurance, loans, registration, travel, parts, work orders, invoices, and much more can be tracked. Reports on each category can be ran for specific vehicles or by fleet group, making it easy to determine how much is being spent and when to eliminate a vehicle that is costing too much. The VMS also allows the user to create custom reports, graphs, and charts, specific for company needs.

KeyFeatures :

Fleet record, providing for each vehicle:
  • Identification and main coordinates (ID, description, supplier, driver, cost centre, purchase price, etc.)
  • Technical datasheet with user-defined particulars for each vehicle type (manufacturer, model, weight, engine power, capacities, tyre pressures, etc.)
  • Link to a vehicle photo or any other file
  • Link to documents such as insurance policy, official documents and the like, with or without validity dates and association to scanned images.
  • Visual alarm of validity status of documents.
  • Scheduled maintenance plan.

Tree view of the fleet. Vehicles are coordinated within a framework defined by the User. Any change in coordinates generates a record in the utilization history of the vehicle.

Running records of the vehicle normally fed following re-fuelling. VMS calculates automatically the average running of the vehicle and adjusts accordingly the dates for scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance planning based on either mileage or calendar dates. VMS automatically alerts approaching opportunities.

Management of maintenance organized according to the work status:

  • Programmed, i.e. work that is scheduled to be done at some opportunity; actual dates are permanently tuned according to running record updating;
  • In progress, i.e. work under way; reporting can take place along any stage of the work.
  • History,detailing all work carried out in the vehicle.

Fleet running costs computed according to their nature, as established by the User (e.g. fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc.). Costs can then be isolated and analysed along any preference.

Detail analysis for any set of vehicles and for any time interval covering:

  • Running records (mileage, average per day, fuel consumption, mileage per liter).
  • Maintenance (number and type of interventions, costs and evolution).
  • Maintenance indicators (failure rate per 10,000 KMS, mileage between failures, mean time to repair, equipment availability).

The Vehicle Record System will...

  • Track your tax deductible business miles and travel expenses.
  • Reduce your vehicle costs while increasing performance and dependability.
  • Eliminate costly unscheduled maintenance.
  • Increase the resale value of all your vehicles.
  • Keep accurate records for any type of vehicle.
  • Help you plan annual vehicle budgets faster, easier and more accurately.
  • Help you avoid being ripped-off by dishonest repair shops.

Plus it lets you...

  • Monitor cost per mile, miles per gallon, cost per gallon, tire usage and more.
  • Determine and analyze costs for any period of time.
  • Easily create customized service schedules for each vehicle.
  • Have immediate access to complete expense and service histories.
  • Setup a very simple or very detailed tracking system.
  • Run informative and useful reports.
  • Define your own expense and maintenance categories.
  • Track by mileage or hours.
  • Display pictures of your vehicles.
...And much more!

India’s first Software Company to acchive...

India’s first Software Company to acchive...

India’s first Software Company to acchive... India’s first Software Company to acchive...

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